Tutorial 1 – Creating a Game in Game Maker

gamemaker studio intro screen
Gamemaker Studio Intro Screen
  1. To create a new project simply click the button labelled New to take you to the following screen:

GameMaker permits you to specify what type of project it is that you wish to create.

2. The option we are interested in is GameMaker Language: This will create a project where the default programming is done using the GameMaker Language (GML).

The other option is Drag and Drop Project: This will create a new project in which the Object Editor (and any other editors that permit code) will be set up to use the GameMaker Studio 2 Drag and Drop interface.

3. You will then be prompted to choose a save location for the project and then it will be opened in GameMaker Studio 2.

4. Choose to save the project in a location on your computer that you will remember in the future. Give the game a name, such as SpaceNuts.

Setting up your game

Under Resources , click the arrow beside Options and then double click Main. Make sure the Game frames per second is set to 60, and then down the botton of this window click on Apply

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