GameJam: Game Development for TY Students

50.00 school licence

Online course for TY Students to learn how to code and publish computer game from start to finish.
Only €50 basic course price and €10 per student thereafter.

Total price so far: 50.00 school licence
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In today’s digital world, coding and game development are not just about programming; they are about encouraging creativity, enhancing problem-solving skills, and opening doors to future career opportunities. Our course is designed to do just that, in a way that perfectly aligns with the goals and structure of Transition Year.

Here’s what makes GameJam stand out:

  • Tailored for Transition Year: Designed exclusively for Transition Year students, the TY GameJam course harnesses creativity and coding to prepare students for Leaving Cert Computer Science and a future in tech careers.
  • Engaging Curriculum: This hands-on approach not only teaches the fundamentals of game development using GameMaker but also integrates critical thinking and computational skills essential for the Leaving Cert Computer Science.
  • Practical Experience: Students won’t just learn in theory; they’ll be building, experimenting, and publishing games to share with their peers, friends, and family.
  • Support and Resources: We provide full support with two online dedicated workshops and all the necessary resources to ensure both students and educators like you have a great experience.