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“Tomas is the founder of CodeCreatePlay.com
He’s been teaching Computer Science past 16 years, and has vast IT Industry knowledge.”


Our Mission

Want To Become A game designer / Developer But Don’t Know Where To Start?

Our courses are suitable for beginners of any age. You will learn invaluable skills from them. Such as coding, critical thinking and creativity.

Companies are looking for people who know how to problem solve. Our mission is to prepare you to face the today’s ever changing world of new technology.

CodeCreatePlay’s Founder

Tomas Brides is a distinguished figure in the realm of computer science education, with over 15 years of experience as a lecturer and instructional designer dedicated to the fusion of technology and learning. His passion for digital innovation has driven make learning engaging and effective for students across various disciplines.

With a rich background that includes technical training, content development, and e-learning, Tomas has consistently integrated the latest technologies into his teaching methods. Tomas is renowned for his ability to develop educational content that not only meets but anticipates the evolving demands of the tech industry. His work has equipped students with the essential skills needed to excel in high-demand tech roles, preparing them for challenges and opportunities in the digital age.

A fervent advocate for inclusive education, Tomas employs Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles to ensure that his courses cater to a diverse array of learning needs and styles. This approach has significantly enhanced student engagement and academic performance, reflecting his commitment to educational excellence.

Tomas also contributes to the broader educational community through his development of several influential websites, including comptutorials.com, which serve as platforms for students and educators to explore and expand their technological skills.

Whether through his dynamic classroom presence, innovative online courses, or the strategic development of educational tools, Tomas Brides continues to inspire and enable future innovators in the field of game development and beyond.