TY GameJam – Unlock the World of Game Creation!

Learn to Code

Easy to Follow & Fun to Learn for all TY Abilities

Build A Game

Lessons, Quizzes &
Game Coding Challenges will guide students through to completing a fully functioning computer game.

Publish it Online

They will publish the game online for all their peers friends and family to play.

Game Jam

End of Year Game Jam competition among schools. One student or team will be awarded Game Jam 2024 winners!

Jumpstart the Transition Year with a Game Development Journey from Our Top-Rated Course!

95% of students report increased confidence in coding

Why Our Game Development Course is a Game Changer

Welcome to an immersive game development course designed specifically with Transition Year students in mind. As the Transition Year coordinator, your goal is to provide students with learning opportunities that are not only educational but also engaging and relevant to real-world applications. This course does exactly that by bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

🎮 Comprehensive Curriculum: Starting with the fundamentals of GameMaker, this course guides students through the process of conceptualizing, designing, and publishing their first game. We emphasize practical experience and hands-on learning, making sure students can apply coding basics directly to their projects.

Educational Benefits: Each module is crafted to support the development of critical STEM skills while also enhancing creativity and problem-solving abilities. The course structure is designed to complement the Transition Year curriculum, making it a perfect fit for your educational goals.

🐉 Project-Based Learning: The highlight of the course is a capstone project where students design and implement a challenging boss level. This project not only consolidates their learning but also encourages them to think critically and solve complex problems, skills essential for future success in any field.

Support and Resources: We understand the importance of support in educational settings, and our course includes comprehensive resources for both students and educators. You’ll have access to student progression and all of the resources included with the course.
Two live workshops per school are also included, should you need them.

Ready to offer your students a unique educational experience that prepares them for the future?
Enrol TY Students in our Game Development course today and watch as they transform their game ideas into reality, gaining invaluable skills along the way!

Tomas Brides is the mastermind behind the “TY GameJam” course. He designed exclusively for Transition Year students. With over 15 years of extensive experience in technical training, content development, and e-learning, he is a seasoned lecturer, published author and instructional designer who is passionate about leveraging digital innovation to enhance educational experiences.

By choosing the TY GameJam course, you are not only investing in top-notch educational content created by an expert, but you are also providing your students with a unique opportunity to learn from one of the best in the field. Enrol your students in TY GameJam and watch as they unlock their potential and start on a path to becoming future innovators in game development.

Internet Connection: Ensure reliable and stable internet access for seamless online coursework.

  • Computer Specifications:
    • Type: Desktop Computers capable of supporting GameMaker
    • Operating System: Windows 7 with SP1* or macOS Big Sur*
    • Processor: Dual Core CPU for efficient multitasking and processing.
    • Memory: 2GB RAM to handle the software and multitasking smoothly.
    • Graphics: OpenGL 4-compliant onboard graphics for optimal visual performance.
    • Storage: HDD to store all course materials and projects.

“Navigating the game development course on CodeCreatePlay opened up a new world of creativity and tech skills for me, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the practical experience and confidence I gained!” — Niamh – Colaiste Mhuire

“After completing the course on CodeCreatePlay, I started making my own games, and it’s been an incredibly empowering and exciting journey into game development!” — Paul – Colaiste Chiarain

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Only €50 base price per school plus €10 per student.

*Bulk discount offered – Contact us if you require more than 50 students.